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WHO We Are?

Happiness is next to Godliness.

Shree Shantijin Jain Jagruti Group – Mumbai is the brainchild of our mentor, ideal, late Shri Bhagchand Damji Jain. Founded with the sole objective of discharging duties towards the society and nature, the maxim Shantijin follows in all its activities is, “Spread happiness, always!” Since its inception in 1991, Shantijin has always endeavored to support the needy through it activities. At the same time, Shantijin does its bit towards the environmental causes. our range of social, charitable, environmental activities include organizing community marriages including for orphan girls, get-together (or sagpan sammelan) for marriage prospects, medical camps, pilgrimages, sports, cultural, welfare events, jeevdaya related works, supporting the needy students with educational assistance, underprivileged families with essentials such as food, clothing, etc.

conducting relief works during natural calamities, supporting other social organizations in managing noble events and so on. Till date, Shantijin’s activities have helped more than 50,000 people. For us, this is just the beginning. Our activities, spread across Maharashtra and Gujarat, are being taken care of by our centres and volunteers. We feel indebted to the God for giving us an opportunity to serve others. We also feel thankful to numerous supporters who strengthen our activities by working together with us. All our activities are being conducted in association with Shrimati Bhartiben Damji Jain Charitable Trust – Mumbai. With the sun rising every day, we see it as an opportunity rising to do our bit for others!

After all, for us, happiness is to spread happiness